Healthy Line Scholarship

At Healthy Line, we are committed to improving lives not just in health, but in any way that we can. The next step in this mission is what we are calling the Healthy Line Scholarship. Each year we will award three $1,000 scholarships to three extraordinarily passionate and driven students. We hope to be able to help you afford some of the amenities that required and make your schooling a smoother experience. The scholarship is not limited to any one specific disciplinary study. What matters most to us is how passionate you are about living a healthy lifestyle.

Here is what you need to know to apply for the HealthyLine Scholarship:
•Who can apply – Any undergraduate and graduate students of accredited US university or college.
•How can you apply – submit 1,000 words essay about how to live a healthier life, with detailed steps and your personal experiences.
•How will you get the money – $1,000 checks will be sent directly to your college.
If you are interested in this scholarship, please send your 1,000-word essay to In the email include your name, major, school, expected year of graduation, and your contact information.